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Back in the dark ages (the early '60s), I was teaching math to seventh graders. One of the units was on using the base 2 number system. I knew there were computers in the world but I had never even seen one, much less used one. I only knew that the base 2 had to do with "ons" and "offs," the language that computers understand.

My first experience with computers was in 1981 when I took a course in using standalone word processors--the Lanier No-Problem Word Processor, the IBM System 6 Word Processor, the IBM Displaywriter, and electronic typewriters. For one who had stayed up many nights typing and retyping theses and dissertations, this was a "miracle machine" to me. It was "love at first sight - er, use." "Where have you been all my life?" I thought! In conjunction with the word processing course, we studied BASIC computer programming. "Wow, imagine making a computer do what you want it to do!" I thought!

Little did I know then that within a few short years, my livelihood and my hobby and my "passion" would be computers. I cannot imagine working in any other area which I would enjoy as much as I did this one! For many years I taught in the computer field and continue to be amazed at what they can do. Even though I retired in August of 1997, I still love working with computers. I spend hours every day working with my computers. I have several now and have used every operating system from DOS (disk operation system) to Windows 3, Windows 95, Windows 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7, and now Windows 10. You can see that I skipped several, including ME, 2000, and 8. I still feel that XP was the best, although I love 10 now. Vista was a dog, the worst of all the operating systems.

I don't use my computer for playing games, although I know many of you use it almost exclusively for that. I do all my banking online as well as most of my communications online. Each day when I go to the mailbox to get my "snail mail," I come in and go directly to my recycling box and dump it because most of it is junk. I do genealogy on the computer among many other things.

Technology is moving so rapidly that it is hard for those of us in the field to keep up with what is happening. How could anyone not want to learn about the computer, especially now that the World Wide Web (the internet) brings to our very homes information on virtually any topic? Any time I want to know about something, I Google it (Google is a new verb brought about because of the ability for that program to search the web for whatever you want to know.) We can take virtual trips without ever leaving our homes, simply by linking to WWW sites with information about most cities and sites in the world. It's possible to find out almost anything you want to know by doing an internet search using one of the "search engines."

There are many tutorials on almost any topic about which you want to learn. Educational sites are plentiful, including the ability to earn degrees, even up to a doctorate.

How exciting to receive mail from anywhere in the world in just a few minutes (or seconds)! I remember the day when I was teaching in the University System of Georgia that I needed some information from a professor at another university. Before I left to go to class, I wrote her an email and by the time I got back to my office, I had an answer. (That was in the days before the great email clients we have now, as we were still doing DOS email, and email was still in its infancy!)

What an education to discuss through Usenet or Google groups almost any topic of interest with others who have an interest in the same topic! And what makes all this possible? The computer and the Internet!

I use Skype to talk face to face with family and friends over long distances (along with Face Time on my phone).

And of course, the ability to stream movies to our computer or our TV, the capability of reading almost any book available on our iPhone of iPad and to listen to someone reading a book while we travel - all because of the internet. These are downloaded wirelessly (over the air) instantaneously! Wow! My heating and air conditioning and my security system run off my internet connection, too! I have a whole-home music system that runs off the internet, along with my garage door opener, my lock on one of my doors. I hope we never have to do without the electronics that run our "smart homes"!

While I am no longer teaching, I still use my computer and spend entirely too much time on the 'net! (smile) As well I conduct much of my business, including banking (mentioned above), on the computer. Imagine no longer having to write checks, go to the bank to make deposits of checks, address and stamp envelopes, and take said envelopes to the mailbox! What a time saver!

Following are the home pages of some of the more popular PC companies in the USA.

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