7th tee of Pinetree CC What activity do you know that:

  • gives you a mental challenge as well as a physical challenge?
  • allows you to be in the great outdoors?
  • lets you make outrageous excuses and everybody accepts them?
  • is good exercise?
  • never allows for perfection?
  • is frustrating?

Golf fills the bill on all counts! It is an activity that many Americans love, as evidenced by our willingness to go out and pay "big bucks" to chase that little "white pill" around and by the proliferation of golf courses all over the country. I played golf for many years but had to stop about five years ago because of arthritis in my hands, which made it impossible for me to grip a club. It was one of my favorite activities!

Golf was the only intramural activity I didn't play at The University of Tennessee, I learned to play at Deane Hill Golf Course when Larry and I worked at the pool in the summers. Why didn't I play golf at UT? There were no women's sports teams at the college level in those days, and I couldn't afford the cost of playing golf! So when I had the opportunity to learn to play, I did. (I was never good, but even after years of being a duffer, I always enjoyed it and wish I could still play!)

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