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When was the last time you contacted your elected officials? When was the last time you ordered something from the government? When was the last time you read about what was going on at the White House? Did you ever wish you could find a source of information about the government?

Check these sources for government news and information!

U. S. Congress
The White House
Library of Congress

United States Senate
United States House of Representatives
United States Judicial Branch

Government Publishing Office
Government Documents at the National Archives
Government information locator service (GILS)

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
U.S. Geological Survey


Following are other links to Federal Departments.

Department of Agriculture
Department of Commerce
Department of Education
U. S. State Department

Department of Energy
Department of Health & Human Services
Department of Housing & Urban Development
Department of Homeland Security

Department of the Interior
Department of Labor
Department of Transportation
Department of the Treasury

Department of Veteran's Affairs
Executive Office of the President
PDF copy of The Constitution of the United States of America

Contact the White House:
White House

Two major political parties in the United States:

Republican National Committee
Democratic National Committee

Click here to hear our national anthem
The Star Spangled Banner (the National Anthem of the US

State of Georgia Sources

Georgia Georgia Capitol Building Georgia flag

Click here to hear our state song
"Georgia on My Mind" (Georgia's State Song)

Georgia government
Secretary of State


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