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Square dancing is one of my favorite activities. Larry and I took square dancing lessons in 1972 and danced for about five years until our kids' activities kept us so busy we couldn't keep up. We dropped out until 1991 when we got back into it and began learning new levels. I continue to dance now and love it. I dance at the C3B level now. Square dancing is no longer the "hot, goto activity" that it once was and there are not many dancers at the upper levels, so once a week I go to Chattanooga to dance 3B. We have been using Tony Collingwood C3B teach tapes to help others learn the level (we have nine - eight regular - dancers).

Western Style Square Dancing is an activity that has many advantages to its participants. Among them are:

Physical activity
Mental stimulation
Music and rhythm

Our state (Georgia) has adopted square dancing and its related types of dancing as the official folk dance of the state. If your state has not done that, please contact your state legislators!

Why not look up a square dance class starting in your city and join to learn this wonderful activity! You will find that square dancing is truly "fun and friendship set to music."

C3B dancers

Here is a picture of our C3B group that has just completed C3B lessons.

blue line

Following are some links to square dancing web pages on the Internet:

Metropolitan Atlanta Square Dance Association (MASDA)
American Square Dance Magazine
Georgia State Square Dance Association
Strawberry Square in Florida (a great place to camp and to dance!)

SD symbol
Vic & Debbie Ceder's Square Dance Resources
Callerlab Home Page, access all things square dancing here
Square Dancing Software
Definitions and animations of all calls from Basic 1 through C3B
SD Lessons on Video

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